The Kenai Peninsula is a fisherman’s paradise.  It is centrally located between 2 saltwater bodies of water – Cook Inlet and the Gulf Of Alaska.  Crisscrossing the peninsula are lakes and rivers offering freshwater fishing opportunities.  The Kenai River and Kasilof River are 2 nearby rivers to Salmon Catcher Lodge that offer outstanding trophy salmon fishing.  There are also remote access lakes and rivers that offer unparalleled trout and arctic char fishing.  Whether your goal is a catch a trophy specimen of a specific species, or to experience the vast array of gamefish species Alaska has to offer, Salmon Catcher Lodge is the Alaskan fishing lodge to choose.

Meet Our Guides

Jefferson Simmons

jeffsimmonsJefferson grew up in Utah skiing, hunting and fishing.  His parents couldn’t keep him inside.  He attended the University of Utah.  He didn’t want to leave the powder.  After graduating he became a banker for five years.  His brother Jason “aka Rooter” moved up to Alaska to work at the  Kenai Princess Lodge as a bartender.  He went to Alaska to visit him for 10 days.  The next spring he quit his job and headed up to Alaska.  No job, no plans.  He created a job for himself at a fishing and rafting company.  He was the General Manager in charge of sales, marketing and operations.  He worked there for a couple years.  Every night after work he would go fishing.  He decided that he wanted to be on the river so he started fish guiding the following year. He has been fishing the unspoiled Kenai for 12 years.  He is a master at knowing when and where to fish. His excitement and attitude are unsurpassed.  Come take a day with Jefferson that you will never forget.  Tight Lines.

Brent Bauer

Brent started preparing for a fishing career early in life, 1967 to be exact as a 4 year old he was learning the fine art of rowing his own boat. As he grew so did his affection for fishing and by the time he was 18 Brent had caught every species of salmon and trout that swam in his Northwest rivers. It was only natural that at this time he would buy his first drift boat and again go after these fish, although now deploying a whole new set of techniques. Now at age 51 and with 33 years on the sticks Brent has earned his place as one of the top Kenai and Kasilof river guides.

Having landed his first King on the Kenai way back in 1986 he has almost 30 years of experience on our local waters, Brent is an expert at backbouncing, and back trolling plugs and is also a very accomplished flyfishing guide using both single hand and spey techniques. A big trout fanatic he also has an uncanny ability to find some enormous Kenai river rainbows.

Brent is currently sponsored by Lamiglas and Echo and is very up to date on fisheries here on the peninsula, and according to our guests is also a ton of fun to fish with!

Jason Simmons

IMG_0413Jason, aka “Rooter,” is one of the most talented and experienced fishing guides on the Kenai Peninsula.  He has fished the unspoiled waters of the Kenai and Kasilof rivers for over
12 years and is a great teacher very patient professional fishing guide.

At the end of the day, anglers fishing with Jason not only had a lot of fun, they are better fisherman.  Jason has the knack of finding the best fishing spots and fishing from his drift boat is one of the most relaxing and productive way to spend the day in the beautiful wilderness. When you fish with Jason, you can count on catching lots of fish and having an exciting
and memorable Alaskan fishing adventure.