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Top 5 Accommodations at Our Kenai River Lodge

One of the aspects that sets Salmon Catcher Lodge apart from so many other Alaska fishing lodges is our diverse fleet of log homes. Our Kenai River lodge rests in-between the towns of Soldotna and Kenai in the peaceful Alaska wilderness. There’s just something about enjoying a cozy, clean, and comfortable cabin after a perfect day of… Continue reading Top 5 Accommodations at Our Kenai River Lodge

Tips and Tricks to Salmon Fishing

The primary salmon fishing season here in Soldotna, Alaska, has sadly come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t feisty silvers, beautiful rainbow trout, and monster halibut swarming in our crystal-clear waters as we detailed last month. While anglers from around the globe travel to Salmon Catcher Lodge to reel in dozens of fish, we’re also… Continue reading Tips and Tricks to Salmon Fishing

Last Call for Autumn Fishing Adventures

You know it’s silver salmon and rainbow trout season when the temperature dips ever-so-slightly, the leaves begin to change color, and the days become shorter. King salmon season is sadly over, but reeling in a feisty coho is one of the most exciting challenges on the water. Salmon Catcher Lodge is not only steps from… Continue reading Last Call for Autumn Fishing Adventures

The Stunning Autumn Beauty of the Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is accurately known as a once-in-a-lifetime fishing destination for anglers from across the globe. Salmon Catcher Lodge is only a short trek from the breathtaking shores of the Kenai River on the outskirts of Kenai Alaska. The Last Frontier is a wild adventure playground for anglers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts, and every… Continue reading The Stunning Autumn Beauty of the Kenai Peninsula

A Boat Load of Freshwater Fishing

Salmon Catcher Lodge is one of the leading fishing lodges in the Kenai Peninsula, offering outdoorsmen and families luxurious lodging in elegant log cabins. Each cabin embraces Alaska’s great outdoors without compromising luxury and comfort. The season and time you visit will determine the type of fishing available, as well as the services available and the… Continue reading A Boat Load of Freshwater Fishing

Salmon by the Pounds!

The water level rises while the days become warmer and by mid-June, Salmon Catcher Lodge guests’ are fishing from our 20′ Kenai Flyer river sled, that accommodates up to five guests. Early Kings average around thirty-five pounds here our Alaska fishing lodges, but the sky’s the limit as far as how big they can get.… Continue reading Salmon by the Pounds!

River Drifting for Salmon

Salmon Catcher Lodge has excellent King salmon fishing in May and June. We have beautiful Alaska fishing lodges for our guests. Most guides prefer drifting for King salmon, both used on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. In short, drifting is, attaching salmon eggs to a spin n’ glow or flat fish with weight applied to sink… Continue reading River Drifting for Salmon

Our Favorite Season Is Almost Here

As the ground and water begin to thaw and the snow starts to dissipate, we are prepping our gear and getting ready to head out for our favorite season. Salmon Catcher Lodge is always looking forward to the start of our fishing seasons, and May is just around the bend. While keeping a close eye on the… Continue reading Our Favorite Season Is Almost Here

Sport Fishing in Kenai, Alaska

When it comes to sport fishing, there is no place quite like Alaska. Beautiful wilderness and landscapes of mountains will take your breath away while rivers and lakes full of life leave you in awe. It is not hard to find fantastic Alaska fishing and lodging in the Kenai, Alaska area for some incredible sport… Continue reading Sport Fishing in Kenai, Alaska

Get to Know The Fish: Part Two

Alaskan waters are considered some of the best for world-class fishing. Housing some of the most popular trophy catches and tastiest of fish, it is easy to see how places like Salmon Catcher Lodge are hot spots for anglers. Fishers come from all over to try their hand at these monsters of the deep first hand. There… Continue reading Get to Know The Fish: Part Two