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What to Bring

Clothing: The weather is all over the board from Sunrise to Sunset.  Sunny 66 degrees with a light breeze and hours later, low hanging clouds, light rain, and 50 degrees that can last for a few days.

Jeans, good walking shoes, a comfortable sweatshirt and light jacket are what you need for short excursions, sightseeing, or for an evening out on the town.

If you plan on booking a Keani fishing charter, going hiking or participating in similar activities, layered clothing is the best option to stay prepared for anything. Cotton should be avoided because it provides poor insulation when wet, it’s difficult to dry, and can be cold when it’s chilly out.

A wool fleece or other synthetic fabrics under a windbreaker jacket will provide the best protection.  Be sure to bring light weight, quality rain gear just in case.

Travel Insurance

We recommend you purchase travel insurance. Here is a list of best travel insurance agencies:

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