room Alaskan Fishing Lodge Salmon, Halibut & Trout Fishing on the Kenai River

Salmon by the Pounds!

December 7, 2021

The water level rises while the days become warmer and by mid-June, Salmon Catcher Lodge guests’ are fishing from our 20′ Kenai Flyer river sled, that accommodates up to five guests.

Early Kings average around thirty-five pounds here our Alaska fishing lodges, but the sky’s the limit as far as how big they can get. In late July Silvers salmon begin their return to the river systems and by the first week in August you can expect excellent fishing. Pound for pound Silver salmon are regarded as the most active fighters and provide some of the best action of the season. We fish both the Kenai and Kasilof rivers using a variety of methods. Fish average 8-12 pounds yet weighing into the upper teens is not uncommon.

Pink Salmon for days!

Without a doubt, Salmon Catcher Lodge is the hottest of all Alaska fishing lodges, July on the Kenai Peninsula offers a very realistic chance of catching a world class trophy King salmon.
A typical Kenai King will average forty-five pounds and commonly exceeds seventy! Believe it or not, these monsters are not what draws all the attention!
Around July 10th, the second run of Sockeye begins that numbers nearly a million fish. They are quite easy to catch, terrific fighters prized by many as the best eating salmon of all. Did we mention that on even-numbered years an almost ridiculous number of Pink salmon or Humpies flood the Kenai in the latter part of July and continue migrating up the rivers through August? Favored by young and old alike, you can catch these smaller (4-10 lb.) salmon until your arms fall off, using just about any method.

Most of our Kings are caught back-trolling although there are times and places we will also side drift and backbone. If you have never hooked a 50-pound fish 6 feet from your rod tip, it’s a life-changing, memory making, experience not to be soon forgotten.