room Alaskan Fishing Lodge Salmon, Halibut & Trout Fishing on the Kenai River

A Boat Load of Freshwater Fishing

December 7, 2021

Salmon Catcher Lodge is one of the leading fishing lodges in the Kenai Peninsula, offering outdoorsmen and families luxurious lodging in elegant log cabins. Each cabin embraces Alaska’s great outdoors without compromising luxury and comfort. The season and time you visit will determine the type of fishing available, as well as the services available and the Alaska fishing license needed. July is Salmon Catcher Lodges’ fullest month because it’s the end of our peak season when King Salmon are the largest, and the Sockeye Salmon are in full swing. Fly fishing for Trout and Steelhead is prevalent during the entire season. Halibut Fishing starts in early May and runs through early September.

Freshwater Game Fishing

A relaxing way to spend a day chasing the King of freshwater is to use our 19-foot Willie drift boat. Which comfortably seats up to four guests. Most of our fishing is done within the last three miles of the Kenai River where you can expect fish to come from saltwater. From mid-June to the end of July the run begins to thin out in numbers, but the fish tend to be larger. With many weighing well over 50 pounds, fishing the Kenai River offers something unique during the whole season.

Licenses and Stamps

We recommend you buy your Alaska fishing license online in case of injury, loss or damage a record can be quickly recovered and accessed. Non-resident permits range anywhere from $20 for one-day licenses, up to $145 for an annual license. Non-resident King salmon stamps also vary from $10 daily, to $100 annually. Here is more information on sport fishing regulations in Alaska.

After purchasing your Alaska fishing license, book your stay with us at Salmon Catcher Lodge for a boatload of freshwater fishing!