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All-Inclusive Fishing Lodges in Kenai River, AK

If your family loves the outdoors and you’re looking for a way to spend some quality time together, consider taking a group fishing trip. Salmon Catcher Lodge offers incredible family accommodations in Kenai River, AK. You and your family can enjoy a luxury fishing lodge all throughout your stay.

Alaska has beautiful landscapes and exciting adventures. Salmon Catcher Lodge offers you access to the rich outdoors, all from the comfort of a luxury lodge. Whether your family is all experienced with fishing or whether you’re showing your grandkids the ropes for the first time, you will have a wonderful stay.

All-Inclusive Fishing Lodges

Our all-inclusive fishing lodges are the perfect place for your family to stay. Find the perfect outdoor adventure while spending your evenings in the comforts of home. In our lodges, you will have access to full kitchens, welcoming bedrooms, and all the amenities you’re used to.

This can make your trip easier. When you stay in a luxury lodge, you have control over your schedule, and that can be invaluable when you’re traveling in a large group. Intimate family moments are on the menu when you choose a lodge. You can plan for early fishing trips, afternoon cookouts, and fun family game nights, just like you could in your own home.

Our handcrafted cabins have an authentic Alaskan feel and have comfort built into every corner. With plenty of room and parking for all, you can plan your ideal outdoor adventure for the whole family.

For more information, contact us at Salmon Catcher Lodge. Be sure to ask about our accommodation packages, our fishing charters, and our recommendations for the area. You can choose a long weekend, an entire week, or something in-between, though you may want to stay even longer after experiencing Alaska. To learn more about our accommodations, give us a call at 907-335-2001.