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For the Halibut

By: Howard J. Heatherwick We went North to Alaska for the Halibut Fishing up North is like fishing in no other place I enjoy hunting and fishing and have “hunted” for unique places to fish many times but never before saw a fish caught that required a shotgun to subdue enough to take on board.… Continue reading For the Halibut

Great Alaskan Cruises

For those who choose to spend their touring adventures in sightseeing in the warm comfort of a ship cabin without the direct exposure to the exquisite and natural beauty, a cruise ship is an ideal way to spend an Alaskan getaway. Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords are great places to see wildlife and glaciers from the deck. Between… Continue reading Great Alaskan Cruises

Anchorage Bear Viewing Flyouts

With nearly 300,000 residents and thousands more visitors, Anchorage is known for its cultural sites, wilderness areas and mountains including the Chugach, Kenai and Talkeetna, and its bears. YES – BEARS… Several hundred grizzly and black bear living on the outskirts of Anchorage can be seen, not in zoos or captivity, but in their natural glorious habitat, from overhead.… Continue reading Anchorage Bear Viewing Flyouts

Extreme Alaska Adventures

Wanna get extreme with your next Outdoor Adventure? Then Salmon Catcher Lodge is the one-stop shop for thrill seekers. While many people trek to Anchorage and the Kenai River Peninsula just for the salmon and trout fishing, there are a cavalcade of opportunities for the wilderness loving adrenaline junkie in you! Kayaking: Breathtaking panoramic glacial and wilderness viewing… Continue reading Extreme Alaska Adventures

Alaskan Fishing Playground

WELCOME TO ALASKA FISHING PLAYGROUND The Alaska Department of Fish and Game also stocks 27 lakes in which the species stocked varies by lake; however includes rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, Arctic grayling and Arctic char. River fisheries occur for a variety of species from motorized boats, non-motorized drift boats and from the riverbanks. Fishing area… Continue reading Alaskan Fishing Playground

Choosing The Best Alaskan Fishing Lodge For You

Choosing The Best Alaskan Fishing Lodge For You Choosing the Best Alaskan Fishing Lodge for your adventure should be done thoughtfully as there are many factors to consider based on your own particular circumstances. Booking the wrong type of trip can be at best disappointing if you don’t take into consideration the following factors: –… Continue reading Choosing The Best Alaskan Fishing Lodge For You

5 Best Salmon Fishing Rivers Near Anchorage

Salmon Fishing Rivers Near Anchorage are plentiful and we have what are considered some of the Best Salmon Fishing Rivers in the world just a short 3 hour drive from Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. They are: Kenai River Kasilof River Russian River Moose River Ninilchik River These magnificent rivers offer some of the largest… Continue reading 5 Best Salmon Fishing Rivers Near Anchorage

Build-Your-Own Kenai River Adventures

Not only does the Kenai Peninsula provide the best salmon fishing in Alaska, but this vast wilderness is a world-class adventure playground. The experienced fishing guides here at Salmon Catcher Lodge, located just outside Kenai, Alaska, always encourage our visiting anglers to take full advantage of our build-your-own Kenai River adventures. We offer dozens of… Continue reading Build-Your-Own Kenai River Adventures

Plan a Special Event at Salmon Catcher in Kenai, Alaska

Whether you’re a local searching for a private event space or an angler from thousands of miles away in need of a group booking, Salmon Catcher Lodge has sizable facilities, deluxe fishing packages, and group-friendly on-site amenities. We’ve hosted church retreats, bachelor parties, baby showers, and everything in-between. Each event is customizable, so your group… Continue reading Plan a Special Event at Salmon Catcher in Kenai, Alaska