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Our Favorite Season Is Almost Here

December 7, 2021

As the ground and water begin to thaw and the snow starts to dissipate, we are prepping our gear and getting ready to head out for our favorite season. Salmon Catcher Lodge is always looking forward to the start of our fishing seasons, and May is just around the bend. While keeping a close eye on the Kenai fishing report, we are dusting off our waders and tuning up the boats for some fun.

It’s Going To Be May

Every spring we get a little restless as winter has been here far too long. Mid May is when our fishing season comes into full swing and those incredible catches we have been waiting for start tugging our lines. King Salmon, Alaska’s celebrity fish, can be found in large numbers making their way through the area. Starting May 15th anglers from all over come up for a chance at reeling in a whopper and spending some much needed time on the water.

Hop Aboard

To start out the early portion of the season, Salmon Catcher Lodge has drift boats that we take out. These charters accommodate a maximum of four guests each and are great for maneuvering the freshwater areas around our lodge. As the tides rise, later on, the salmon number do go down, but the size of your catches will increase. Many fish will average out at roughly 35 pounds, but there have been many caught pushing 60 pounds.

Join Us!

If you are anything like us and cannot wait to hit the water and start wrestling some trophy fish, then give us a call at 907-335-2001. We can help you follow the Kenai fishing report and pick out the best dates for your Alaska fishing excursion. Our lodges are ready to accommodate you, and our staff is waiting to greet you with a smile. So grab your gear and head up to Salmon Catcher Lodge for yet another incredible fishing season!