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Tips and Tricks to Salmon Fishing

December 7, 2021

The primary salmon fishing season here in Soldotna, Alaska, has sadly come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t feisty silvers, beautiful rainbow trout, and monster halibut swarming in our crystal-clear waters as we detailed last month. While anglers from around the globe travel to Salmon Catcher Lodge to reel in dozens of fish, we’re also gladly open during fall and winter for locals who need a brief getaway from the daily grind. We’re currently offering huge discounts on comfortable winter stays – call 1-907-335-2001 for more details! Folks from the surrounding region are still arriving at our hand-crafted lodge for premium autumn Alaska fishing charters as the Kenai and Kasilof rivers are always teeming with trophy salmon and trout. Before the 2018 fishing season expires, we’re going to share some tips and tricks for salmon fishing in Alaska for prospective anglers. Every guide and angler has personal insider knowledge, but here are some basics to remember for next year’s journey to Soldotna.

King “Chinook” Salmon

Giant king salmon is one of the most challenging species to catch because they swim in the deepest stretches of the Kenai and Kasilof. That’s why we encourage our anglers to be patient and think outside the box. Tidal changes during salmon runs usually yield the most fish. Use sizable, bright-colored flies during low tide. Our Alaska fishing charters utilize drifting, the preferred method of fishing for gigantic kings. Attach cured roe to a Spin-n-Glo, and fish from the bottom up. Put your weight two feet above the hook to keep your setup near the river’s bottom.

Silver “Coho” Salmon

You can follow the same techniques listed above to catch a feisty silver salmon, but they spend most of their lives in the top 25 feet of the water. Silvers are, however, incredibly paranoid about baits and lures. Try using dark flies and lures during bright sunlight. Horizontal jigging with flashy pink and orange flies should do the trick all other times of the day. Try your best to be sneaky and unpredictable! Back trolling is also an accepted method with diving baits and plugs.

Sockeye “Red” Salmon

The Kenai and Kasilof rivers are two of the world’s best sockeye salmon waterways. Sockeyes usually swim close to the shore, but they’re not overly aggressive. Flossing (bottom bouncing) is a conventional method as you lay your line extremely low in the water, utilizing Split Shots or slinkies. Standard flies used on sockeyes are the famous Russian River Fly and Polar Shrimps. Remember to keep your line taut and to adjust the weight if necessary.

Alaska Fishing Charters

Salmon Catcher Lodge is the proud home of premier Alaska fishing charters. Not only do we provide world-class charters, but our professional and experienced staff helps guests build their own adventures. Our guests often choose to go clam digging, bear viewing, whale watching, whitewater rafting, and flightseeing. There’s still time to book an October fishing excursion or an autumn adventure here in beautiful Soldotna, Alaska!